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Joanna Hutt

Director, Principal Physiotherapist and Sensory Practitioner

Hello, my name is Joanna Hutt and I am the founder and managing director at The Energy Source. Originally from Scotland, UK, I moved to Kuala Lumpur with my family in 2008 and have since made it my home.

After working as a freelance Physiotherapist for a number of years, and with many child referrals, I began to realise the severe lack of therapy and support services available for children (neurotypical and neurodiverse) and their families in and around Malaysia.

Of course, I had to do something about it!

In 2014, I incorporated The Energy Source with a vision of providing high-quality, inclusive, educational and therapy services that uphold international standards. To be a one-stop-centre where families can receive all the support they need for their child under one roof.

But why the name ‘The Energy Source’ you may ask!?

I wanted to create a safe space for children and parents to expend their energy in whatever way needed and without comment or judgement. A space where everyone could truly be themselves, be supported and improve their quality of life.

From a small company comprising of just myself, we are now a team of over 25 child specialists offering support to the whole family. I truly believe that every child has the right to access education and therapy services, no matter which walk of life they come from and this is a standard that we uphold in our day-to-day practice at The Energy Source.

Our Home, Our Family

Our Home,

Our Family



The Energy Source was established in 2013 by our Director and Paediatric Physiotherapist, Joanna Hutt in an endeavour to provide high-quality, international standard services for children and their families in and around Malaysia.

From small beginnings, The Energy Source now has a multidisciplinary team of therapists and teachers.

At The Energy Source, we offer a diverse range of services, including our day nursery, early intervention programme, after school care, multidisciplinary assessment and therapy services and specialist-led group programmes. We have had over 5000 therapy sessions in the last 12 months to help children of all abilities (neurotypical and neurodiverse) and their families achieve their goals.

Our partnerships with local schools, paediatricians and other specialists allow us to provide professional development to educators, support to parents and on-site services in multiple locations.


The Team

Meet The Team



Joanna Hutt

Director, Principal Physiotherapist and
Sensory Practitioner


Valerie Tan

Senior Physiotherapist and
Operations Manager

Occupational Therapists


Elise Easdown

Principal Occupational Therapist


Nurul Ain Saari

Occupational Therapist


Dhania Sorfina

Occupational Therapist

Speech & Language Therapists

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Stacey Shah

Principle Speech and
Language Therapist


Kelly Ng

Senior Speech and
Language Therapist


Hema Gunasagaran

Senior Speech and
Language Therapist


Sonia Lasong Swamy

Speech and
Language Therapist



Wei Hee Hong

Developmental Psychologist


Liyana Nurulhuda

Clinical Psychologist



Jessica Ann Raj

Head Teacher

BSc Psychology


Irene Wong

Lead Interventionist

BSc Psychology


Ying Ying Tan

Assistant Interventionist

BSc Psychology (Applied)


Atshaya Jayadev

Assistant Interventionist

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Untitled design (2)

Brandyn Starbuck

Assistant Interventionist

BSc (Hons) Psychology


Ashley Ho Yi Yin

Assistant Interventionist

BA (Hons) Psychology

Untitled design (1)

Senoja Wong

Assistant Interventionist

BA Psychology

Gym Coach


Pek Har

Gymnastics Coach

Admin & Support

Untitled design (3)

Suhaida Johari


Untitled design (4)

Adline Ghani

Centre Assistant

Untitled design (5)

Amie Sampang

Centre Assistant

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