Nurul Jannah Nasruddin


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Jannah is an Interventionist in the Early Intervention Programme at The Energy Source. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. With over a year of working experience, she has been exposed to various ways to enhance the skills needed for children to thrive and grow in various areas of life, which include communication skills, emotional regulation, school readiness, social skills, as well as self care, which have been individualised to each childs’ needs.

Jannah believes that being patient, loving and supportive is the best way to treat children, as well as having the understanding that learning is enhanced when children make mistakes! Learning is enriched through error. Jannah believes that if we honor and allow mistakes by creating a mistake-friendly learning atmosphere, where kids don’t feel ashamed of their mistakes, it would help motivate them to not give up and to continue to work on the correct solution. By doing so, children could grow with confidence along with a healthier sense of self-efficacy as they move through life.

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