Rona Grant

Senior Consultant, Play Therapist and Counsellor

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As an accredited Counsellor and Play Therapist with decades of experience, across a variety of settings, there are few challenges I haven’t worked with. My aim is to help adults, children and families express what is happening for them, their struggles and their strengths, in a way that they can feel comfortable with. 

For children, especially the under 12’s it is not possible for them to say what is happening inside of them. I believe that this is where Play Therapy can really help. Play is a natural and engaging form of communication for children. My job is to provide an environment where a child’s play can be as valued and as understood as words. By doing this I can really help a child express their feelings and explore what is going on for them; this can result in a healthier, happier child and family.

For adults I use a combination of words and creative materials to enable the expression of what needs to be heard. As adults we may have the words, but we are not always able to use them.

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