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There's absolutely no doubt that kids need exercise, and that most kids are not getting enough. Less than 1/3 of kids get at least 20 minutes of daily exercise in one form or another compared to the recommendation of 1 hour per day. We are sure you agree, this is tragic considering the multitude of short and long term health benefits children can gain from a regular exercise regimen.


The current epidemic of physical inactivity threatens to burden health systems and stunt human potential. With BORN TO MOVE™ we’re determined to reverse that trend and improve the next generation’s quality of life by establishing healthy patterns and instilling in young people the importance of keeping active throughout life; we want to inspire children to develop a lifelong love of movement.


BORN TO MOVE™ provides a safe place for children to be active and learn basic foundation movement skills: running, jumping, finding a beat and dancing to it, punching, kicking, balancing, or just resting on the floor. The magic they experience in a BORN TO MOVE™ class will set them up for a fit, fun-fuelled, happy and healthy life.


Great music is a critical part of the package that encourages children to return every week - and they won’t come back if it’s not cool. It’s important children WANT to come to these classes…to feel a sense of ownership, a sense of place–where it just feels right for them and their friends. The classes are specifically age appropriate both musically and developmentally, so children can relax and have fun.


Research from Les Mills International has identified five fundamental factors that separate the ordinary from the outstanding when it comes to delivering fitness experiences that motivate and inspire young people. These can be summarized as:


1. Make it fun

2. Make me feel like I belong

3. Make it right for my age and stage

4. Give me a sense of achievement

5. Keep me physically and emotionally safe


Each BORN TO MOVE™ class has been developed to meet these fundamental needs through the selection of fun, age appropriate music and choreography. At The Energy Source, we offer two age group classes:

2 - 5 YEARS:

  • This is a 40 minute class in which a parent or caregiver also takes part.

  • The music is written for the class with lyrics that act as sung instructions, leading children through simple moves that build body awareness and balance.

  • The emphasis is on fun as kids develop awareness of their bodies.

  • The develop self-awareness, balance, weight transfer and concentration skills while learning how to interpret music, explore and move to a beat.


6-12 YEARS:

  • A dynamic games and movement experience: this class is around 30 or 45 minutes long

  • The teacher leads the class in a series of foundation fitness moves taken from dance, martial arts, plyometrics, sports training and yoga

  • The music is current music that children will want to move to


For more information on our Born To Move programme or to find out class times, please call us or email us directly at The Energy Source.


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