first connections programme

Our First Connection Programme’s (FCP) curriculum is fostered with the objective of ensuring children are willing to explore openly and confidently thus making learning enjoyable for them. We emphasise on the use of a blended curriculum incorporating both Montessori and Thematic Integrated Curriculums while holding the academic standards of the British Curriculum. Our team corroborates together to ensure our curriculum constantly grows based on the developmental and socio-emotional well-being of our children with evidence from current research.

Inspired by Waldorf and Reggio Emilio approaches, FCP takes a child-centred approach, having teachers as guides while building children's life skills and independence. This to ensure that children have the tools they need and are given the space to explore, express and create new ideas in their present and future selves.

Based on our curriculum, our school focuses on seven areas of development:

● Language and Communication

● Sensory Play

● Personal and Social Development

● Knowledge and Understanding of the World

● Music and Movement

● Numeracy

● Creative Development
*The curriculum is further supported by an integrated phonics programme.

At FCP, we aim to enrich and expand the curriculum by organising field trips based on our themes. This not only strengthens their observational skills but increases their knowledge in a subject area as well as expands their awareness of the community they live in.

Involvement of all members of the community is a vital part in FCP, we believe children benefit from the involvement of all parties including a parent-teacher-student relationship. This is fostered through constant communication, termly reports and annual concerts.

Two programme options are available for our FCP:

1) 5-Day Fortnight for children aged 2-3 years old

2) 5-Day Week for children aged 2+ years old
Both programmes run Monday through Friday and have half-day and full-day options.

For the 5-Day Fortnight programme, there are two classes - Rainbow Class and Sunshine Class. The below images highlight the days of a typical 5-day fortnight month for both classes.

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