Are you concerned that your child might be having a developmental delay?

As children grow from infancy to childhood, they will develop a variety of skills in five main areas – physical, communication, cognitive, self-help, social, and emotional.

However, at times children meet their developmental milestones slower than expected. This is called a developmental delay. Understandably, this is worry for parents. However, rest assured we are here to help.

Free developmental milestones checklist

Complete this checklist to keep track of your child’s development, or if you’ve noticed that your child:

  • Is not reaching critical milestones at an appropriate age
  • Has difficulty socialising and communicating with others
  • Has poor posture, balance, or coordination
  • Has sensory, behavioural, or self-regulation issues

Free developmental screening

If you’ve done the milestones checklist above and think that your child may have developmental delays, bring them into The Energy Source for a FREE developmental screening by our paediatric specialist.

While the thought of undergoing a developmental screening can be daunting for parents, acting early on developmental concerns is essential, as it can make a real difference for both you and your child.

By undergoing this screening process, you’ll be able to know for certain:

  • If your child indeed has developmental delays
  • The specific areas of delay that your child might be having
  • The recommended interventions that can help your child learn new skills and overcome challenges

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