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The Energy Source was established in 2013 by our Director and Paediatric Physiotherapist, Joanna Hutt in an endeavour to provide high-quality, international standard services for children and their families in and around Malaysia.

From small beginnings, The Energy Source now has a multidisciplinary team of therapists and teachers.

At The Energy Source, we offer a diverse range of services, including our day nursery, early intervention programme, after school care, multidisciplinary assessment and therapy services and specialist-led group programmes. We have had over 5000 therapy sessions in the last 12 months to help children of all abilities (neurotypical and neurodiverse) and their families achieve their goals.

Our partnerships with local schools, paediatricians and other specialists allow us to provide professional development to educators, support to parents and on-site services in multiple locations.



Arranging a Visit or Appointment

At The Energy Source, everyone is welcome!

Should you wish to visit us or see us for an appointment please give us a call.



Initial Consultation

For those seeking assessment and therapy services, we recommend that the first 50-minute appointment be a session between the specialist and parents.

This initial consultation will simply be a conversation regarding your child’s developmental history, current issues, concerns, and needs. By attending this session, you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about our services as well as the therapeutic or assessment process.



The majority of our assessments at The Energy Source involve between one to four assessment sessions with the child. It may also involve a discussion with the child’s teacher and classroom observations. Following that, we will prepare a written and comprehensive report of findings and recommendations for both home and kinder/school. A feedback session to discuss the assessment results, suggestions and to put a ‘Care Plan’ in place will then follow.



A therapy schedule typically involves weekly or twice weekly 50-minute appointments. The goals of the consultations are arrived at by mutual collaboration between the specialist, the client and their family. These goals will be reviewed during our work to assess and/or modify the focus of the sessions according to your needs.

It is common for families to feel or see the benefits of therapy after a few sessions. However, the number of sessions required depends on several factors.




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TES is a Child Development Centre based in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur offering a day nursery, early intervention programme, after school care, assessment and therapy services. They also provide specialist-led group classes and programmes.

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