Paediatric physiotherapists are therapists who have expertise and skills in managing children with a range of conditions affecting their physical development, mobility and ability to participat​e in activities of everyday life.


At The Energy Source, we offer a range of assessment, treatment and programmes to children aged from the new-born to the young adult. From the initial assessment, our physiotherapists will advise you of the most appropriate management plan for your child’s needs.


Our physiotherapists will interview the children and their families, and use physical examinations to diagnose the source of the child’s movement difficulties. They will work to improve your child’s motor development, strength, range of motion, endurance, gait difficulties, balance, coordination, heart and lung endurance, and delayed motor development.


Goals are developed in consultation with both child and family, and progress is evaluated each visit. Treatment approaches are specific depending on the child’s condition. This might include exercises, gait retraining, neurodevelopmental therapy, positioning and education.


Standardised assessment techniques and outcome measures such as Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMs) and Movement ABC II can be used to evaluate progress or provide a formal report of your child’s abilities.


The physiotherapist may also recommend the involvement of other specialities such as Occupational Therapists.


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