Social Thinking®

The ability to adapt in social settings can be a big challenge for some children and teenagers.  Social Thinking® is a developmental, language-based and thinking-based (metacognitive) methodology that helps foster social competence for  those who struggle socially.


What is Social Thinking®?

Social Thinking® was coined by Michelle Garcia Winner to teach social competencies for  individuals who struggle with social skills. The Social Thinking® methodology uses unique vocabulary, visual frameworks, activities and strategies to help socially-challenged individuals to navigate the social world.

Benefits of Social Thinking®

Social Thinking® is suitable for ages 4 and above, and can help with:

  • Understanding appropriate behaviours in social situations
  • Interpreting non verbal cues such as body language and mannerisms
  • Emotional awareness 
  • Self regulation
  • Conversational skills 
  • Peer relationships
  • Perspective taking 
  • Social problem solving 
  • Executive functioning

How To Get Started?


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