Social-Emotional Learning

Develop your child’s self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills to improve their positive behaviours.

What is Social-Emotional Learning?

This programme helps children and teenagers to develop the social-emotional skills that enable them to cope with everyday challenges, develop positive behaviour and make healthier life choices. This will, in turn, benefit them socially and academically.

Social-Emotional Learning can help your child or teen to:

Develop the skills to control impulses, have empathy for others, and solve problems.

Lay the foundation to grow into positive, responsible, and self-aware adults.

Develop the skills to understand, cope and manage emotions and stress, which are a normal part of life.

Learn self-discipline, how to set and accomplish goals, and make responsible decisions. 

Develop the social skills to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

Your child may benefit from our Social Emotional Learning programme if they struggle to:

Control their impulses (eg. having outbursts, or fights with other kids).

Relate to other people’s emotions.

Take control of their thoughts and emotions.

Make decisions and prioritise.

Establish and maintain healthy relationships with others (eg. resolving conflicts, communicating effectively and asking for help).

How To Get Started?

how to get started

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