Speech & Language Therapy

Paediatric speech and language therapy services provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children with speech, language, communication, feeding and swallowing difficulties.

The majority of difficulties fall into the following areas:

  • Specific speech delay/disorder (including speech dyspraxia). This includes a range of possible difficulties involving speech sounds.

  • Specific language delay/disorder. This may involve difficulties in understanding what is said or difficulty in expressing ideas and putting words together.

  • Social communication impairments. This includes difficulties in understanding and using communication socially, to interact with other children/adults.

  • Stammering, voice disorders and selective mutism.

Speech and language therapists can:

  • Assess a child/young person’s communication skills across the above areas to identify specific areas  of difficulty, and provide strategies to support improvements in communication.

  • Work with families /carers to jointly identify how best they can help their child to communicate to their full potential.

  • Work directly with children /young people, individually or in groups, dependent on their needs.

  • Support parents and school staff, by helping them to adapt the way in which they give information or communicate with the child/young person, in order to make language simpler to understand.

  • Assess eating/drinking skills and swallowing and give advice to support these skills and improve safe feeding/drinking.


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