Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening is a specialised and evidence based protocol. It combines a sound-based intervention with sensory integrative activities to create a comprehensive program that is effective for diverse populations with sensory processing challenges.

Therapeutic Listening uses organised sound patterns, inherent to music, to impact all levels of the nervous system to increase attention, balance, body awareness and control, communication, social engagement and organisation of sensory input. Overall, children are more organised and behaviourally regulated and have more rapid therapeutic outcomes.

Therapeutic Listening® benfits individuals with the following difficulties:

  • Regulating sleep patterns
  • Restricted diet and eating patterns/habits

  • Reduced attention and difficulties sustaining concentration for tasks e.g. school work

  • Communication difficulties, delayed speech development

  • Regulating emotional and behavioural responses e.g. tantrums, anxiety, flattened emotional responses/expressions

  • Irregularities in toilet training

  • Reduced social skills, engagement and reduced self-esteem & confidence

  • Delayed or awkward motor skills; coordination, planning and balance

  • Handwriting difficulties

  • Visual perceptual difficulties

  • Disorganisation, impulsive behaviours or anxiety

  • Autism, Aspergers and ADD/ADHD

  • Sensory Processing Disorders

  • Downs Syndrome

  • Learning Difficulties


When Therapeutic Listening® is coupled with a sensory integration framework it enhances the emergence of:

  • Attention & focus
  • Self-regulation

  • Postural Control

  • Praxis (motor planning), balance & coordination

  • Fine motor skills

  • “Evenness” or more regulated emotional & behavioural responses

  • Oral motor control and improved eating habits

  • Communication, articulation and social skills

  • Increased engagement and interaction, development of play skills

  • Visual motor integration

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Toilet training


Overall, children are more organised, behaviourally regulated and have more rapid therapeutic outcomes with Therapeutic Listening.

To implement a Therapeutic Listening program the therapist needs to have highly specialised training. The Energy Source OT staff have completed their training and are able to assess and develop an individualised Therapeutic Listening® programme. Each client will need to be assessed for the suitability of implementing such a programme which will always be coupled with the implementation of a sensory diet.

Each person’s Therapeutic Listening® program will be monitored and updated throughout their ongoing treatment intervention with The Energy Source.


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