what to expect


You do not require a referral to visit our centre or to enrol in our school or any of our services at The Energy Source. Everyone is welcome!

Should you wish to visit us, or see us for an appointment please provide your details through our Appointment Request Form.
In this form you are prompted to give a brief outline of your current concerns. You will then be contacted with an appointment time within 48 hours of receipt of your completed form.


After you confirm and pay for your first appointment we will send you a link to our Client Intake Form. This should be completed and returned within 48 hours so that we can prepare your file before your first appointment and make your first visit to The Energy Source as smooth as possible.

We look forward to working with you towards your families goals.


For all of our clients, it is recommended that the first 50-minute appointment be a session between the specialist and parents/guardians. This initial consultation will simply be a conversation regarding your child's developmental history, current issues, concerns, and needs. Attending this session without your child may enable you to be candid in discussing your concerns and hopes, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about our services as well as the therapeutic or assessment process.

It is vital to the therapeutic process that a positive connection is established between the specialist and the family, and your therapist will discuss an assessment or treatment plan that you are comfortable with. If you decide that the centre's approach and style suits your current needs we can move forward and commence the assessment or treatment plan.


Important to Note - At The Energy Source, we require all children to complete a full assessment before therapy commences. This allows us to create an individualised therapy programme for your child. However, should you have a comprehensive assessment report, that has been completed within the last 6 months, we may be happy to commence therapy straight away!


The majority of our assessments at The Energy Source involve between one and four assessment sessions (1-2 hours each) with the child. It may also involve a discussion with the child's teacher and a classroom observation. A comprehensive report including recommendations for both home and kinder/school will be written. A feedback session to discuss the assessment results, recommendations and to put a ‘Care Plan’ in place will then follow.


A therapy schedule typically involves weekly or twice weekly 50-minute appointments. The goals of the consultations are arrived at by mutual collaboration between the specialist and the client and their family. These goals will be reviewed during the course of our work in order to assess and/or modify the focus of the sessions according to your needs.

It is common for families to feel or see the benefits of therapy after a few sessions, however the number of sessions required depends on a number of factors.

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