Dyslexia Screening Tests

Does your child have difficulties with sounding out words, reading, or spelling? 

Do they find it challenging to understand rhymes or to solve word problems

Speak to us about our Dyslexia Screening Tests. 

About the tests

The Dyslexia Screening Tests are a range of nationally-normed tests designed by Dr. Angela Fawcett and Prof. Rod Nicolson of the University of Sheffield. They are designed to be used as a screening instrument, and form a valuable first step in deciding whether to request a further full assessment by an appropriately qualified educational/clinical psychologist. The test can also be used as a basis for  identifying appropriate support strategies which can be used to guide the development of in-school support for the child.

An overall ‘at risk’ index for likely literacy difficulties is provided, as well as a profile of scores on a range of skills such as measures of literacy (including reading, spelling, phonological discrimination), as well as working memory, spatial memory, vocabulary, and motor skill. 

The Dyslexia Early Screening Test (DEST-2)  is used for ages 4:6 to 6:5 years,

The Dyslexia Screening Test – Junior (DST-J) is used for ages 6:6 to 11:5 years

The Dyslexia Screening Test – Secondary (DST-S) is used for ages 11:6 to 16:5 years.

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