Life Skills

Support your child’s functional and vocational skills for independent living.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills Programme nurtures and supports children and teenagers in areas of functional and vocational skills that are necessary for independent living. With the appreciation that each child is unique, our approach is personalised to each child’s strengths and capabilities.


Why learn Life Skills?

The learning and proficiency of life skills often goes hand in hand with a child’s development. Children typically learn how to perform tasks such as brushing their teeth, taking a bath, using the bathroom, washing their hands, combing their hair, using cutlery and making their beds by imitating their parents.

Children learn by observing, listening to instructions and making mistakes. As they grow older, they learn and master more complex life skills. Some children, however, such as those with developmental delays, learning difficulties and physical disabilities, may find it harder to learn and master these skills.

Your child can benefit from our Life Skills Programme if they:

  • Have developmental delays
  • Have difficulty in understanding or following directions
  • Have a lack of awareness, focus and / or self control
  • Are easily frustrated
  • Have difficulty completing tasks
  • Have cognitive or sensory challenges

Our Life Skills Programme can help children succeed in:

  • Independent dressing and grooming
  • Hygiene and toileting
  • Self feeding and food preparation
  • Carrying out age-appropriate tasks
  • Practicing gross and fine motor skills
  • Gain confidence in their ability to try new things
  • Build their self-esteem and pride in their independence

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