Personal Learning Assistant

Invaluable one-to-one support to help your child succeed at school

The Energy Source now proudly offers PLA Services to families. Our PLAs will receive ongoing training, professional development, and supervision to provide high quality, individualised support to children.

What does a Personal Learning Assistant do?

A Personal Learning Assistant (PLA) or Shadow Aide provides one-to-one support for students with additional needs. These may require behavioural, developmental, or academic support. A PLA can help your child or teen by:

  • Supporting their learning by keeping them engaged, motivated, and on task.
  • Working with your child’s school teachers and therapists to set academic, social, and emotional learning goals.
  • Support the implementation of individualised educational programs, supplemented by creating additional resources for lessons and activities
  • Acting as a bridge between your child (the student), teachers, and parents.
  • Monitoring your child and providing regular updates on their progress. 
  • Supervising after-school learning activities.
  • Developing strategies to promote independence and self-advocacy.

How to get started?

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